Varieties were selected and created from CR203 by the method of cell line selection combined with handling extreme environmental conditions. The variety was allowed to be regionalized in 1998 – Institute of Biotechnology.

  • The average plant height is 85-95 cm.
  • The growing time in the Late Spring crop is 140-145 days, in the Early Spring crop is 115-120 days.
  • The ability to recover quickly after transplant. Healthy birth. Leaf blade broad, short, thin dark green. Contrast is quite high.
  • The average yield is 45-50 quintals/ha. In good intensive farming conditions can reach 60-65 quintals/ha. Short cotton. The number of seeds per cotton is average. Low seed rate. Seeds gourd, bright yellow. The mass of 1000 seeds is 25-26 g.
  • The variety is characterized by moderate infection with rice blast, zebra, and blight. Has good cold tolerance at seedling stage in winter-spring crop.
  • Suitable for sowing in late spring and early season on high ground, and not able to actively water. The density of transplanting is 50-55 clusters/m2.
  • Plant 3-4 stalks in each cluster.
  • The amount of fertilizer for 1 hectare is: 8 tons of manure + 150- 160 kg of urea -I- 300-350 kg of super phosphate fertilizer + 80-100 kg of potassium chloride fertilizer. Note that if the fertilizer application is unreasonable or unbalanced, the flowering time will be prolonged.
Disclaimer: This product is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine.